Friday, December 18, 2009

Psychic Vampires

Today, someone gave me some great advice and told me about "psychic vampires."  I found the phrase funny, but looked it up.  I found it extremely helpful and wonder if you are unknowingly being bitten.

"When a psychic attack takes place, the psychic vampire receives an energy surge while the victim experiences fatigue.

People who "suck" the energy of others are called "psychic vampires." This "sucking" takes place when one's energy is depleted and needs to be replenished so he or she "sucks" the energy of another person. It is not unusual for a person who is ill or feeling inadequate emotionally to draw upon or deplete energized individuals of their life force. These "suckers" are not bad people, most of them are not aware on a conscious level that they are doing what they are doing. Still, their unknowing actions can play havoc with anyone who leaves an energetic opening for this type of thievery. It is important for us to be aware that we may be susceptible to having our energies stolen from us and learn ways to protect ourselves. The harm in a psychic attack is that there is no fair exchange of energy and therefore one feels depleted while the other becomes energized.

Traits of a Psychic Vampire

  • experiences feelings of abandonment or rejection
  • needs constant reassurance
  • never feels satisfied
  • seeks nurturing
  • low energy - fatigued"
There are ways to protect yourself from being drained by others.  Firstly, recognize this is happening!  Be aware of how you feel after spending time with others.  Try to distance yourself or "detach" from the people who drain the life out of you!  Cutting ties may be necessary for both of you.  The vampires may learn to stop requiring the life force of others, or may just move on to someone else.  Either way, you are not doing anyone any good by allowing the dependency to continue.  Save your energy and protect yourself.  This may ultimately be the only way to save or teach the psychic vampire as well.

Article Source: 
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!! I made this at work and thought it was fun. Just wanted to share our company's virtual holiday card.

Enjoy the remainder of 2009 and let's get a jump start on those New Year's Resolutions!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?"
by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Photo source = click

Friday, December 11, 2009


Today was sidetracked by the pain in my arm from shoveling! The pain is constant and is taking my focus away from good things. It brought me down today and I noticed my thoughts starting to revert back to bad things. (Like feeling LOST in a crowd.) Physical pain can really wear me down, so I like to stay healthy! I don't take pain killers, so tomorrow I will rest and take supplements and try my best to help my arm heal.

Something positive to be grateful for... *YOU.* Also, finding this teeny old photo and me and Britty from 1998. Was that really 11 years ago? We're still having fun. I'm grateful for that and wish it could never end.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lucky Me!

I am a little surprised by a recent opportunity to see Deepak Chopra in person. I am officially going to see him speak and am excited yet learning not to be surprised by these "coincidences!" When you align yourself with what you most desire, it all starts coming in!

Another coincidence was finding a book in my storage room by Deepak Chopra! I didn't remember buying it years ago and its date is 1994. Wow! I remember being interested in spiritual ideas and loved reading more and more! Funny that I find the book all these years later and read it again with a new perspective. It's not just a bunch of cool words anymore!

This book I uncovered is called, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success." It's fairly simple at first glance. I re-read it now and realize something that someone said to me yesterday is very true: "You've come a long way." Yes! This book is another way of saying things that I hold as unshakable truths.

Here is a bit from the book that I live by and wanted to share:

"Responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation, including yourself.... Once you do this, every so-called upsetting situation will become an opportunity for the creation of something new and beautiful, and every so-called tormentor or tyrant will become our teacher. Reality is an interpretation."

He goes on to talk about defenselessness and how you lose the need to convince or persuade others about your point of view. It's very freeing.

Deepak's books and videos and seminars can get pretty deep, so I am curious about this upcoming discussion. I'm ready for it.

Lastly, I wanted to share the perfect man I built today with Britty! With a carrot nose, sun-dried tomato eyes and a cranberry smile, we're loving him!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Raw Food Package

A gift I got in the mail! (a gift from ME!!) Raw items shown here and more like body lotion, dry brush, MSM Powder, and the rest I think is shown here:



Friday, December 4, 2009

Green Drink and Raw Stuffs!

**This never posted yesterday!  Now it's Day 4 of the challenge, but I wanted to post this even though it's late...**

Day 3 of the 100 day challenge, and that challenge includes eating healthier!  My typical vegan diet is being shaken up a bit with the help of a variety of raw foods.  I have a goal of a minimum of one meal per day as raw, which has not been difficult at all so far.  Today, that meal turned into two:

Raw Pasta and Cheeze Sauce:

Spiralized Zucchini (so good!) tossed with raw Cheeze Sauce made up of a red pepper, macadamia nuts, Celtic sea salt and cayenne pepper.  (recipe from the RawFoodWorld TV show linked to the right on my blog!)

Green Drink:

2 cups green leaf lettuce
1 cup turnip greens
2 celery sticks
1 apple
1 pomegranate
water from the pomegranate (when I soaked it to get the seeds out easily)

Whizzed around in the Vitamix for a moment, and this was a surprisingly good drink!  I sealed 2 more portions of it in glass containers and will be having those tomorrow!

Nothing else eventful happened much with Day 3.  It was a bit discouraging.  No surprises, no good news, and it was a lonely day, pretty much!  I did keep busy clearing out old photos and journal entries in my storage room.  (I think this has the answer to why today was not so great!)

One last note - I did discover journal entries from about 15 years ago.  I had forgotten some of the things I had been through.  I was a little angry when I read it and remembered the circumstances.  I have forgiven people and moved on, and apparently had forgotten the details.  This was a downer today, definitely.  What was a bit spooky about it all was how many times I was writing what I wished could happen.  I wished it page after page after page.  (not specific things, but general things that would free me of the situation I was in.)  The spooky part was - ALL of the things I said I wanted eventually happened.  Every single one.  Even the seemingly unreasonable ones.  It all happened within a year or two of my writing what I did.  I didn't know about intentions or manifesting or attracting, but I did it.  Knowing this, can you image what we can do when we are aware of how things work and also being more specific with our goals?

I had asked for many, many things in those journals.  I got every single one of them.  I just forgot to be specific.  Perhaps I did free myself of that situation years and years ago, but only to get tossed into another of the same!  Perhaps I did find a guy that seemed more interested in Britty... but I forgot to ask that he be honest and healthy and happy!  So I should be fine tuning those goals and wishes, because they DO happen.  They did 15 years ago, and they can only be healthier and better today.

Oh, and one more thing...  pomegranates are one of my new favorite fruits!!!!!  I love them!!!

Green Drink photo source:  click!

Pomegranate delicious photo source:  click!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Most people are extras in their own movie."    ~ Bob Proctor

Day 1 of the 100 Day Challenge is nearly over!  It's very fun to be part of such a big group of people to inspire and be inspired by!

My day 1 included lots of my intentions like:  Green drinks, raw foods, focusing on work and even finishing early to have more time to do things at home.  I donated 5 more bags of my old clothing (wooo, it feels good to give that stuff away!) and pre-ordered my Vegan Body Building book!!!!  I seemed to have more time than ever and wasn't quite sure what to do with it all!  Usually, I'd work late and go into work late...  come home late and work more.  We like the new schedule a lot and it leaves me more than enough time for working out, making dinner and fixing up the house... especially that storage room!  grrrrr... never ending project!   Plus, it gives me time to go on Facebook and CCOR and YouTube to watch my favorite channels!  (Raw Food World, Brian Tracy, Lilou!)  It's nice to take care of yourself for once, isn't it?  I'm hearing that a lot from the other people in the challenge too.

My BIGGEST challenge is to stop the negative/limiting thoughts about myself like:  "I can't do that."  or thinking I am lazy.  I have to be careful of living by excuses too such as, "I'm too old for that" or "It's *his* fault"  haha.  It happens a lot and it's nice to see others aware of it in themselves and working on it too!  It's quite a journey. 

99 more days to go!!!!!!  

Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 1

Woo! Day One of the 100 Day Reality Challenge begins December 1st!! Since one of my intentions was a fitness based one, I became part of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge too! I guess I didn't want to spend all day *thinking* about things, I also wanted to get off of my butt and do something! I'm excited to begin because it's the right time and I am finally ready for this.

I am up late because I happened to get my DVD in the mail: The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford. OMG. I wasn't sure if I'd find it useful but it still interested me enough to buy it. I am not even sure what to say about it. I don't really know where to begin because there is SO much in it and it's very important. The idea of it is to embrace your dark and light sides and not to be ashamed or suppress your "shadow" part of yourself. (The part you are not happy with...not able to share with hide are ashamed of are held back by it if repressed.) We all have it.

Maybe you are ashamed of something specific from your past. An event. A trauma. Were you abused physically? Emotionally? Did someone betray you? Can you not forgive them? Can you not forgive yourself?

All that we were told about ourselves that is bad and all that WE say about others that is judgmental and bad leads to feelings and beliefs that shape our lives. We must be allowed to expressed ourselves - dark and light - in order to grow and be our best self.

I cannot even say how much I learned from this movie because it's too long and too personal and involves other people's lives too that I won't share out of respect to them. I did do one of the exercises at the end and literally had my mouth open in shock at the end of it. (at myself.)

I did learn to appreciate all those who have been in my life so far. (even the ones who most people think are "evil.") I appreciate where it got me and how it makes me work and try and identify with people. It has also helped me be able to see beyond other people's insecurities and hurt and see what they are capable of if they are courageous. I appreciate the lesson I learned from them very, very much from childhood until now. I've met some amazing people! (most of them never even knew what they were capable of.)

You should see this movie. If you feel stuck. If you feel angry. If you are tired of not being able to express yourself in the "right" way according to everyone else around you... check out and know that you are perfect and you always were.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Preparing for a New Challenge

"Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don`t do that by sitting around wondering about yourself."
~ Katherine Hepburn

Just in time!! I happened to find the latest 100 Day Challenge on Lilou Mace's Facebook status! I quickly went to her website and joined. December 1st is the starting date and my job until then is to choose what I wish to achieve during the "Reality Challenge." I'm new to all of this, so I am just sorting out the profile and linking up a new YouTube channel for my vlogs. This is WAY beyond my typical comfort zone! (so I figured I'd give it a go!?) I figured that posting video logs of myself talking about my progress may be too much for me to take! I thought of You Tube and I was afraid that I'd crumble with the first criticism! I went ahead and did it anyway because I'm tired of being afraid to do things. With lots of support from others in the Challenge, I think I'm nearly ready for day one!

"Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great."     ~ Mark Twain

I seem to have put the goals for the challenge in the back of my mind and am doing other things for now hoping the goals will become obvious to me. I have thought of a few so far.. well, more than just a few! I need to be clear on them before December first though to make sure I can make it all happen. Also, I want to make sure the goals are healthy and in my best interest, if that makes any sense.

While keeping all of this in the back of my mind, I am making room for this challenge. I am doing so in many ways and one way is by making room in my home. I'm clearing out boxes that have been in storage for up to seven years! (What was I thinking??) I have moved a lot and carried these "important" things with me all these years! They are taking up an entire large room in my home and also the basement. Setting aside a week to do this, I've cleared out the basement already and am half way through the storage room. The most interesting part is that I remember why I held on to these things. I was afraid that someday I may need them. I always had the "what if" thing going on. What if I were snowed in and needed blankets? What if I wanted these decorations but didn't have the money for them when I wanted them? So many what ifs. These "important" things were a safety net in just knowing that I had them. They reminded me of many good times in my life. (What if those were the best times I'd ever have? I'd have to hang onto them!) Well, I cannot make room for new things that matter if I have these old boxed up obsolete items keeping me static.

It has been fun looking through photos and old journals I wrote in. I was afraid it would be sad to see any of it, but so far it has not been. The only sad moment was seeing photos of Minnie, my kitty, and also BJ as a healthy, shiny perfect Lab. The journals are not sad, but interesting...

One journal entry was talking about how stuck I felt in the home I was living in. I had a dream to leave and start all over again. I seemed to write that many times over those years, actually. I had made a list in the journal of the things I wished could happen. I had to laugh because every single one of those things on my wish list DID happen since writing it. I made them all happen. Moving out. Home schooling Britty. Being healthier. Owning a company. Being able to work from home. Financially supporting myself and not being controlled in that regard. All of it happened and I did quite a bit of work to make it happen. None of it was luck. It never really is.

Seeing this makes this 100 Day Reality Challenge even more exciting. I do know I can make things happen if I work at it and know clearly what I am aiming for. Moving the 7 year old memories out is not as hard as I thought it would have been. Closing the door on an unhealthy ten year relationship was a process, but one that I finally feel completely free of. This sparked the "making room" mentality... internally and externally. Storage room first. Then looking inward to guilt and anything left from other life events. Clear it out. Make the room. December 1st is when new things happen. I will have made them happen. It will not be luck.

Thank you Lilou! I was so ready for this and I "stumbled" across it. I will be sharing my journey on CCOR and also here, possibly, and cannot wait to see what happens next.

Lastly: a storage room find - tucked into a book of her life was a photo of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Their story is a great one and *may* become part of my goals for the 100 Day Challenge!!  This is my favorite photo of them together:

"I don't think that work ever really destroyed anybody.   I think that lack of work destroys them a hell of a lot more."  ~ Katherine Hepburn


Image 1 source

Image 2 source

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all the messages you wrote on Facebook and on your blogs! I know it can be hard for some of us to see a dead bird on the table if we are going to relatives' homes, but I hope you can find a way to enjoy the holiday and the company, even if that means creating a new tradition for yourself.

For us, we will be having a vegan Thanksgiving (of course!) with veggies and Tofurky. (and a coconut macadamia carrot cake!) In the spirit of celebrating a harvest, we will also think about our 2010 project to grow more of our own food. Our initial "Square Foot Garden" is a go for the spring. Producing our own organic veggies and herbs will be fun, economical and much healthier! I'm excited for that! Aside from food, we will also acknowledge another tradition in this country at Thanksgiving time:

The National Day of Mourning honors Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today.

I have always found the Native American culture interesting with their deep spirituality and traditions. The first Thanksgiving that we celebrate traditionally does give thanks to the food and the cooperation of two very different groups of people. How honored the Pilgrims must have been to have collaborated with such a profoundly different group of people who could help them in many ways.

I found some great images on the web for Thanksgiving. I'm happy to be having a compassionate Thanksgiving because it seems to be all about the turkey these days! (Tofurky's aren't quite as cute...)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Roosting not roasting. I love them:

How beautiful is this photo:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Shadows.

T H E   S H A D O W   E F F E C T
A Journey from your darkest thought to your greatest dream.

"In this age of public humiliation and media meltdowns, the work of New York Times best selling author, Debbie Ford, continues to make headway as she exposes the opposing forces of both light and dark that compete for attention within every human being. In her film debut, The Shadow Effect, Ford presents the hidden power of “the Shadow” alongside some of today’s most provocative thinkers including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, James Van Praagh and others.

In this life-altering journey, individuals who have transcended child abuse, racism, the Holocaust, war, and wounded upbringings, share their remarkable stories. Meet those who have learned to face their terror, heal their wounds, and embrace their higher, heroic selves to overcome the shadow effect."

I ordered my copy of the DVD today. Click on the banner to go to The Shadow Effect website and to view the trailer:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a Good Ole Boy

...never meanin' no harm!

Karen just shared this link with a bunch of us animal loving girls. It's John Schneider and a video clip of his experience with an awakening. I loved this clip because not only do I love animals, but it reminded me of when it first hit me that I'd never eat animals again! (or wear them or use them...) I just knew it was right for me to choose to avoid that kind of pain. Looks like John just realized a few things that he needed to know to help out his path. Check it out! (Thanks Karen!)

I'm glad he can change things that no longer work for him. It was nice to see it and hear it in his own words. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Show You My Love

I just made a wedding slide show with this song and it's stuck in my mind. Sad to me, but very beautiful. I thought I'd give a bit of exposure to this great artist.

As this plays, I will copy a bit from an email I received today from The DailyOm. It was a bad day and made me question why I do what I do. Interestingly enough, I came home to this:

"Some of our goals and dreams come to fruition so easily that it is as if an unseen hand has done much of the work for us. When this happens, we say it must have been meant to be. On the other hand, when dreams and goals require a tremendous amount of effort, we may interpret this to mean that our dream is not meant to be. However, difficulty is not necessarily a sign that our hopes and plans are ill-fated. On the contrary, difficulties and challenges along the path can be important parts of the project’s overall meaning.

When we find ourselves facing difficulties with a particular plan or project, the chances are we know already whether we are meant to continue on or let it go. We simply need to look within ourselves for the answer. When an idea is meant to be, it comes back to us time and time again. Then we know we can go forward, no matter what challenges arise, knowing that it is meant to be."

I hope that helps you if you begin to question yourself too. Just keep on doing your best. It is enough and always has been.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Sponsor a Turkey

Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project has encouraged people to save a turkey at Thanksgiving through sponsorships that help us rescue animals and provide care for them at our sanctuaries, as well as educate and advocate for turkeys, and other farm animals, everywhere. Now is your chance to join us in saving even more lives this year.

For a one-time donation gift of just $25, anyone can sponsor a turkey who lives at either our New York or California Shelter. As a Adoption Certificateturkey sponsor, you will receive a special Adopt-A-Turkey certificate with color photo of and fun details about your new friend.

Turkey sponsorships also make perfect gifts, so make an even greater impact this holiday season by sharing the love with others. For a gift of $150, you can sponsor the whole flock and have adoption certificates sent to family and friends!

We are pleased to present here photos of beloved turkeys at F. S. who not only need your sponsorship support this Thanksgiving but also your help showing others just how deserving of life farm animals really are. We are privileged to have these beautiful birds in our care, and we know you’ll love making a difference for them too!

source: Farm Sanctuary

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Donny and Marie Show

Do you remember this show? I cannot believe I was actually laughing so much at Donny's Soul Man performance near the end. The music, the OUTFITS, and the dancing are sure to bring you back to how awesome TV was then!!

"I'm a little bit country...I'm a little bit Rock + Roll!!" I miss my Donny and Marie dolls!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

The Original 108 minute film - released in theaters in February 2004. Starring Marlee Matlin and 14 Scientists and Mystics. Exploring the worlds of Quantum Physics, Neurology, and Molecular Biology in relation to the spheres of Spirituality and Metaphysics. Part documentary, part drama, part animation:

Part 4 of 6 of a series, "Down the Rabbit Hole:"

Watch all 6 YouTube clips if interested. It mentions aging, emotions, reactions, habits, changing yourself and recreating your life!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is It

Awesome movie. The songs are great and seeing MJ behind the scenes and hard at work is inspiring. His dedication and over-achievement are a rarity in most and we were lucky to be ale to catch a glimpse of that from rehearsal footage. Makes me wonder what those shows would have been like if *this* footage was just prepping.

Thank you Michael for giving 100% in your life and sharing with us, even if only by rehearsal footage. The audience was clapping and cheering you on in a small theatre and missing you as the credits roled. Nothing was wasted. We saw your effort and energy and dedication. It was nice to be there with you for that when you did not know we would be watching, caring and inspired by it.

Smooth Criminal:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boston VegFest 09

It was nice to make time off for Boston's annual VegFest! I was sad to go alone but was happy to find friends there from real life and Facebook! It was nice to meet people from Vegnews and even Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary as well.

The Vegnews stand offered a free copy of their magazine. I get the online version, but I do miss flipping through the pages of this awesome magazine! I grabbed a copy for me and for you, Karen! :)

Vegan Treats is the company name and their booth was not only the most popular, but it was so pretty! Check out all the cute cakes they made and I will show you a closer up photo of them too... yum!

I was psyched to see Sequel there and giving samples of their Vega products! Their new sport drink is really good and soon to be available at places like Whole Foods. It was nice to meet my Facebook friend and vegan body builder Robert Cheeke there are well. (makes me want to work out now...)

One note on the Vega powder... I usually make mine with Hemp milk. Some make theirs with water. The nice lady in the pink sweater there said that half milk and half water is what she does. She shook one up for me and it is even better mixed like that! Not too thick and not too watery!

Below is the Sproutman! I've ordered from them online, but it was nice to pick up some organic seeds for sprouting.

I was happy to see my friends at Buddha Hut cooking up a storm at VegFest! The owners were there (husband and wife) and it was nice to say hi. I had to RUN since I'm on the 30 day raw food challenge and did not want to sample anything, but I already know they are great! Worcester based and really nice! (All vegan!)

The crowd...

A close up of those cakes! All vegan. Why are they not raw? :P

Such a pretty day out today. I liked the view from VegFest. (See the sign for it?)

Some views from my walk back to the car:

At home, showing Britty what I got for her!! MMM! Vegan Treats cakes! I picked out cookies and cream, carrot cake, coconut cream, and brownie cheesecake:

As for my treats, I got the spouting seeds. (I know, not as exciting as the cupcakes, but I do need to eat better and feel better!)

A new stainless steel water bottle:

Acai power powder for my shakes.smoothies:

"Twister" power powder for shakes, smoothies or even for sprinkling on salads. This has chia seed, flax seed and brown rice. I also got raw cocoa nibs from this company. The rep told me that all of their products are raw.

I also picked up a t-shirt from Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary and heard they need weekday volunteers. (Hmmm! This is worth taking a day off for!) I picked up some samples for myself and friends and tried not to buy everything in sight. I sampled coconut water, which I actually liked for the first time. (I guess different brands are better than others.) Looking at my own cupcake photos, I'm getting hungry so I am off to find something raw to whip up!

Thanks to VegFest and all its sponsors and exhibitors!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monthly Raw Challenge

Each month, Raw Food chef and author, Alissa Cohen, has a 30 day raw food challenge on her forums. I'm going to participate in the November one and wonder if you want to join?! (say yes!)

The forums give lots of ideas and support so it's a great place to "detox" for the month and join in with others doing the 30 day challenge. The website has recipes and tips and links to books and other resources for helping you feel your best.

Just register on the forums and prepare for a great November! I hope to see you there. Email me if you join so I can find you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boston VegFest 2009

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, October 31 and November 1, 2009

Will you be there? :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just when I thought I was down...

I saw this video on Lilou's facebook page and had to share it. The 100th fall is just another to get right back up from:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Vision

We become what we think about most. Believing this, I find it very important to take notice of what you are thinking a lot of the time! (You may be surprised!) It can be difficult to stay focused on the positive parts of who and what we'd like to become, so a project I'm excited for is creating a 'Vision Board.'

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and desires. It can also be called a dream board, treasure map or vision map. It helps keep your mind focused on positive goals and dreams and helps block out the excessive negativity we are surrounded by. It's easy to step away from your goals if you do not make an effort to keep them in the forefront of your thoughts. It's important to replace the bad thoughts with good and healthy ones often!

Here is a sample board I found online:

I've already created a collage of images on a travel cup a few months ago and feel I need bigger goals now! You can attain the goals quickly once you set your mind to them and make a commitment to yourself and these goals. I used to feel this was selfish, but now realize that this gives me to best chance to help take care of those who need me if I am giving myself permission to do and be my best!

Give it a try! Dream BIG!!!

Sample Vision Board Photo Source =

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The New Year Can Begin in October

"The possibility in making this your best year ever exists in every moment. Having the best year of your life depends not on some outside accomplishment, but on allowing the greatest expression of yourself to be unveiled." 

~ Debbie Ford from The Best Year of Your Life.

Image Source:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Get Your Greens

Here's an easy way to get your dark leafy greens in: tuck them in your morning smoothie! (or afternoon and evening) I read that it's good to vary up the greens a lot with choices like romaine, red leaf lettuce, spinach, arugula, carrot greens, beet greens, butter lettuce (yum!), spring greens, etc... You won't taste them much in a smoothie with fruit and it's a great way to get those medicinal properties of the greens in!

Here is what I am making this morning:

Berries and Greens Smoothie:

1 cup strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 banana
1/2 bunch romaine lettuce
2 cups water

This should make about 1 quart. You can keep it in the fridge and have it all day long!

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food."

Veggies photo source

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Debbie Ford is a NY Times Best-Selling Author and internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential. I have benefited immensely from reading her books and will soon be seeing her movie, "The Shadow Effect." In my research, I found this video clip online where Debbie speaks about her book, Spiritual Divorce. I listened to it even though divorce is not part of my life. I watched this video clip and thought of "divorce" as something coming to and end. (not necessarily a marriage.) This could pertain to a job, a friendship, a bad habit or anything that people tend to hang on to a bit longer than they should.

We may have all seen people forgo opportunities because of fear. We can be so afraid of closing the door on something in our lives, that we spend more time being upset about that one closed door than about the thousands of doors in front of us that we could choose to open.

Aside from being afraid of change, sometimes people can be bitter because of it and can blame the world for their troubles. Not accepting responsibility is one way to stay upset and to not give yourself permission to live a better life. I feel bad for the "victims" of the world who created the label and hold tightly to it as if it will somehow ever change on its own. Spiritual Divorce sounds like a great book for those who cannot let go of the past or the bitterness or who have not yet given themselves permission to be happy.

Here is Debbie Ford speaking of the ideas in her book. Even without reading the book, this video clip is helpful and gives you lots to think about!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lisa & John - Crane Beach

Congratulations to my friends Lisa and John on their wedding on Crane beach! It was great to be part of your day and what a great beach day we had. (Lucky you!)

Don't happy couples make you happy?

Britty got this shot of me crawling in the sand for a photo. It looks like my head is missing...

...but it's worth it to get these shots of Lisa and John.

This is the first wedding I've photographed barefoot.  ;)

Britty is at it again with her sneaky photos:

While I show off the newlyweds' new rings:

Congratulations Lisa and John! :) You will be seeing all of the images soon. Thank you for letting us be part of this perfect day on the beach! Thank you SO much for our gift basket too, that was SO thoughtful!

We feel very lucky to have spent our day with you and your family. Watching a marriage between two awesome people take place was great to see and I wanted to share it here. Maybe it will inspire another couple to renew their vows! (on a beach!)