Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Vision

We become what we think about most. Believing this, I find it very important to take notice of what you are thinking a lot of the time! (You may be surprised!) It can be difficult to stay focused on the positive parts of who and what we'd like to become, so a project I'm excited for is creating a 'Vision Board.'

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and desires. It can also be called a dream board, treasure map or vision map. It helps keep your mind focused on positive goals and dreams and helps block out the excessive negativity we are surrounded by. It's easy to step away from your goals if you do not make an effort to keep them in the forefront of your thoughts. It's important to replace the bad thoughts with good and healthy ones often!

Here is a sample board I found online:

I've already created a collage of images on a travel cup a few months ago and feel I need bigger goals now! You can attain the goals quickly once you set your mind to them and make a commitment to yourself and these goals. I used to feel this was selfish, but now realize that this gives me to best chance to help take care of those who need me if I am giving myself permission to do and be my best!

Give it a try! Dream BIG!!!

Sample Vision Board Photo Source = http://christinekane.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/vb1b.jpg


Lisa said...

It is never selfish to take care of yourself and have dreams and goals. If you won't take care of yourself, who will? And you are right!! Being positive and changing your life helps you help others! I think this is great! It is really hard to remain positive, especially in stressful times. To put your goals in a tangible form to view as a daily affirmation will help you keep on track!

Candi said...

Yes! "To put your goals in a tangible form to view as a daily affirmation will help you keep on track!" I like that line of yours!

Mark Willand said...

I guess, 'I gotta book a weddin' today" just doesn't cut it.

Candi said...

Hey Mark! :P I like your goal. I think you should say, "gutta" though. Sounds more 'in the trenches'of wedding combat.

Perhaps I will see you this weekend! Did you see my Facebook photo of us from Harrington? Rock stars!!