Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I love it!

Fun Stuff!!

Thank you to Lisa who encouraged me to BLOG again!  She even said to just "add one photo!"  Well, I can't just add ONE as you know!! :P  Someday, I will reorganize my blog and maybe do more veggie foods!  Until then, just photo updates keep me happy.

Love this wedding shot:

I still cannot believe how pretty our wedding cake was!!! 

Getting ready details with my girls.  So much fun! 

Ceremony & reception:

and lastly - my baby...  she's walking again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  UPRIGHT!!!!  YAHOO!  Surgery went well and recovery is progressing on schedule!  I love those surgeons who did such an amazing job.  Also, the anesthesiologist team was amazing.  We're lucky to attract some amazing talent and focus in our lives!