Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bad New Addiction

Hi! I'm back from a few trips, the biggest one was a two week U.K. trip with Jamie. :) My blog has suffered because I'm never home now, but just in case anyone ever reads it still, I'll post my latest food addiction.

I had been making pancakes for Jamie lots, and I'm now becoming addicted to them myself! I was never one to eat a big breakfast of heavy pancakes... but I've (sadly) changes my ways! I love editing the recipe for the plain pancakes in Vegan with a Vengeance. I add different extracts or fruit or different flours. My latest pancake craze had me waking up the next day wanting more: Pigs in Blankets!

I never liked non-vegan pigs in blankets, but these are great! I used Tofurky breakfast sausages shown below in the orange box:

With the VwaV pancake recipe and lots of 100% pure maple syrup... I'm addicted to this sugary, sodium-filled, heavy, and really yummy breakfast!