Saturday, September 19, 2009


Debbie Ford is a NY Times Best-Selling Author and internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential. I have benefited immensely from reading her books and will soon be seeing her movie, "The Shadow Effect." In my research, I found this video clip online where Debbie speaks about her book, Spiritual Divorce. I listened to it even though divorce is not part of my life. I watched this video clip and thought of "divorce" as something coming to and end. (not necessarily a marriage.) This could pertain to a job, a friendship, a bad habit or anything that people tend to hang on to a bit longer than they should.

We may have all seen people forgo opportunities because of fear. We can be so afraid of closing the door on something in our lives, that we spend more time being upset about that one closed door than about the thousands of doors in front of us that we could choose to open.

Aside from being afraid of change, sometimes people can be bitter because of it and can blame the world for their troubles. Not accepting responsibility is one way to stay upset and to not give yourself permission to live a better life. I feel bad for the "victims" of the world who created the label and hold tightly to it as if it will somehow ever change on its own. Spiritual Divorce sounds like a great book for those who cannot let go of the past or the bitterness or who have not yet given themselves permission to be happy.

Here is Debbie Ford speaking of the ideas in her book. Even without reading the book, this video clip is helpful and gives you lots to think about!

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