Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boston VegFest 09

It was nice to make time off for Boston's annual VegFest! I was sad to go alone but was happy to find friends there from real life and Facebook! It was nice to meet people from Vegnews and even Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary as well.

The Vegnews stand offered a free copy of their magazine. I get the online version, but I do miss flipping through the pages of this awesome magazine! I grabbed a copy for me and for you, Karen! :)

Vegan Treats is the company name and their booth was not only the most popular, but it was so pretty! Check out all the cute cakes they made and I will show you a closer up photo of them too... yum!

I was psyched to see Sequel there and giving samples of their Vega products! Their new sport drink is really good and soon to be available at places like Whole Foods. It was nice to meet my Facebook friend and vegan body builder Robert Cheeke there are well. (makes me want to work out now...)

One note on the Vega powder... I usually make mine with Hemp milk. Some make theirs with water. The nice lady in the pink sweater there said that half milk and half water is what she does. She shook one up for me and it is even better mixed like that! Not too thick and not too watery!

Below is the Sproutman! I've ordered from them online, but it was nice to pick up some organic seeds for sprouting.

I was happy to see my friends at Buddha Hut cooking up a storm at VegFest! The owners were there (husband and wife) and it was nice to say hi. I had to RUN since I'm on the 30 day raw food challenge and did not want to sample anything, but I already know they are great! Worcester based and really nice! (All vegan!)

The crowd...

A close up of those cakes! All vegan. Why are they not raw? :P

Such a pretty day out today. I liked the view from VegFest. (See the sign for it?)

Some views from my walk back to the car:

At home, showing Britty what I got for her!! MMM! Vegan Treats cakes! I picked out cookies and cream, carrot cake, coconut cream, and brownie cheesecake:

As for my treats, I got the spouting seeds. (I know, not as exciting as the cupcakes, but I do need to eat better and feel better!)

A new stainless steel water bottle:

Acai power powder for my shakes.smoothies:

"Twister" power powder for shakes, smoothies or even for sprinkling on salads. This has chia seed, flax seed and brown rice. I also got raw cocoa nibs from this company. The rep told me that all of their products are raw.

I also picked up a t-shirt from Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary and heard they need weekday volunteers. (Hmmm! This is worth taking a day off for!) I picked up some samples for myself and friends and tried not to buy everything in sight. I sampled coconut water, which I actually liked for the first time. (I guess different brands are better than others.) Looking at my own cupcake photos, I'm getting hungry so I am off to find something raw to whip up!

Thanks to VegFest and all its sponsors and exhibitors!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome write-up!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your pastries!!

We posted a link on our twitter account.

Vegan Treats

Candi said...

Thank you! We are still talking about those cakes. Do I really have to drive to Philadelphia to get more? I mean, I WILL.. just wondering if I had to though! :P Come to Boston!