Friday, March 30, 2012

Time for a Change, Indeed!

It has been so long since I've posted!  Work and home life has keep me busy, but I don't like seeing the old news on the site without a new update.

Some people say I move faster than they can keep up with, but I do love how much has changed!  So many positive changes have unfolded seemingly straight out of my vision boards and into my real life.

2010's ending brought some serious decluttering!  That felt great!!!!!!!!!

2011 brought: 
  • Britty's 16th birthday 
  • J & C - Engagement to be married
  • My 40th birthday
  • Relocating to our new beautiful home (with a pool!!!)
  • Britty entering into a great public Highschool after all those homeschooling years!!
  • Our October wedding ceremony in the Berkshires
  • Our first Christmas together as a family


2012 (so far) has brought:
  • a goodbye to our beautiful Lily (that was heart breaking.  I miss you, little Lily)
  • My new studio relocation!
  • New company name and big changes in the business that I LOVE
  • New affiliates for work
  • Britty's scoliosis and inability to walk (shocker news!)
  • Britty's ongoing recovery
  • A wedding reception for family and friends
  • Britty's new Siberian Husky baby girl

My biggest wish for the rest of 2012 is that Britty can walk again ... easily and be pain free.  We will keep doing all we can there.  I'm positive that this little husky girl will be a HUGE part of Britty's recovery!!!!!!!!

For the rest of the year:

  • Continued success and growth in my company!
  • Expansion into new projects (Motivational area to help others reach their goals too!)
  • A FUN and celebratory wedding reception that we have GREAT memories from!
  • A log home (second home?  get away cabin?)
  • Great self-care - veggie foods, green drinks, skin care, relaxation, exercise, etc...
  • Positive focus.  <3  

Ahhh, that update felt good!!!!!!!