Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lisa & John - Crane Beach

Congratulations to my friends Lisa and John on their wedding on Crane beach! It was great to be part of your day and what a great beach day we had. (Lucky you!)

Don't happy couples make you happy?

Britty got this shot of me crawling in the sand for a photo. It looks like my head is missing...

...but it's worth it to get these shots of Lisa and John.

This is the first wedding I've photographed barefoot.  ;)

Britty is at it again with her sneaky photos:

While I show off the newlyweds' new rings:

Congratulations Lisa and John! :) You will be seeing all of the images soon. Thank you for letting us be part of this perfect day on the beach! Thank you SO much for our gift basket too, that was SO thoughtful!

We feel very lucky to have spent our day with you and your family. Watching a marriage between two awesome people take place was great to see and I wanted to share it here. Maybe it will inspire another couple to renew their vows! (on a beach!)

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