Friday, December 11, 2009


Today was sidetracked by the pain in my arm from shoveling! The pain is constant and is taking my focus away from good things. It brought me down today and I noticed my thoughts starting to revert back to bad things. (Like feeling LOST in a crowd.) Physical pain can really wear me down, so I like to stay healthy! I don't take pain killers, so tomorrow I will rest and take supplements and try my best to help my arm heal.

Something positive to be grateful for... *YOU.* Also, finding this teeny old photo and me and Britty from 1998. Was that really 11 years ago? We're still having fun. I'm grateful for that and wish it could never end.


Lisa said...

I agree with the whole pain thing. It led my body into stress mode along with my feelings. I took percocet (half a pill at a time) and it didn't really do anything much, but I did begin to panic whenever I'd fall asleep. I was off it real fast. Take care of your arm!


Candi said...

Aww, Lisa you have been through a lot with the surgery. I can totally feel now how it brings you down in every area! You mentioned feeling useless and such... I felt like I couldn't even use my arms yesterday and was all depressed over it like I was useless! I thought about your posts and could relate to what you were feeling. (and my pain and recovery is NOTHING like yours!)

I hope your healing is going well! Let me know if I can help with anything aside from giving you Lynx and Badgers to adopt! lol!!

Mark Willand said...

Keep Fightin' ... Life's a brutal battle and your gonna win!

Candi said...

You and I have already won Mark!! I learn lots from you!

inspirationalguide said...

Great list Candi, I didn't know that you're keeping a blog :)