Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Sponsor a Turkey

Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project has encouraged people to save a turkey at Thanksgiving through sponsorships that help us rescue animals and provide care for them at our sanctuaries, as well as educate and advocate for turkeys, and other farm animals, everywhere. Now is your chance to join us in saving even more lives this year.

For a one-time donation gift of just $25, anyone can sponsor a turkey who lives at either our New York or California Shelter. As a Adoption Certificateturkey sponsor, you will receive a special Adopt-A-Turkey certificate with color photo of and fun details about your new friend.

Turkey sponsorships also make perfect gifts, so make an even greater impact this holiday season by sharing the love with others. For a gift of $150, you can sponsor the whole flock and have adoption certificates sent to family and friends!

We are pleased to present here photos of beloved turkeys at F. S. who not only need your sponsorship support this Thanksgiving but also your help showing others just how deserving of life farm animals really are. We are privileged to have these beautiful birds in our care, and we know you’ll love making a difference for them too!

source: Farm Sanctuary


Tonya said...

This is a great idea but wouldn't it be better to simply not eat an animal for a holiday meal?

Tonya said...

Oops! Got confused on who's blog I was on. Thought it was one of my book blog friends but you're already on my no-animals-for-food wavelength!

Candi said...

Hey Tonya! No, I'd not eat them ever. :) I do know lots of meat eaters that adopt the turkeys though and it's a great program for everyone! I want to adopt the flock.

I love your Friday 56, by the way! Is your veggie blog gone?

Tonya said...

Yes, I just wasn't as passionate about it as I am about my book blog and I haven't had time to keep up with both. I'm thinking of bringing out one simply on my thoughts on life and different religions but that will also require time I don;t have right now!