Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Show You My Love

I just made a wedding slide show with this song and it's stuck in my mind. Sad to me, but very beautiful. I thought I'd give a bit of exposure to this great artist.

As this plays, I will copy a bit from an email I received today from The DailyOm. It was a bad day and made me question why I do what I do. Interestingly enough, I came home to this:

"Some of our goals and dreams come to fruition so easily that it is as if an unseen hand has done much of the work for us. When this happens, we say it must have been meant to be. On the other hand, when dreams and goals require a tremendous amount of effort, we may interpret this to mean that our dream is not meant to be. However, difficulty is not necessarily a sign that our hopes and plans are ill-fated. On the contrary, difficulties and challenges along the path can be important parts of the project’s overall meaning.

When we find ourselves facing difficulties with a particular plan or project, the chances are we know already whether we are meant to continue on or let it go. We simply need to look within ourselves for the answer. When an idea is meant to be, it comes back to us time and time again. Then we know we can go forward, no matter what challenges arise, knowing that it is meant to be."

I hope that helps you if you begin to question yourself too. Just keep on doing your best. It is enough and always has been.

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Candi said...

The Youtube video spelled the artist's name wrong. oops.

Here is his info:

Mike Schmid