Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 1

Woo! Day One of the 100 Day Reality Challenge begins December 1st!! Since one of my intentions was a fitness based one, I became part of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge too! I guess I didn't want to spend all day *thinking* about things, I also wanted to get off of my butt and do something! I'm excited to begin because it's the right time and I am finally ready for this.

I am up late because I happened to get my DVD in the mail: The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford. OMG. I wasn't sure if I'd find it useful but it still interested me enough to buy it. I am not even sure what to say about it. I don't really know where to begin because there is SO much in it and it's very important. The idea of it is to embrace your dark and light sides and not to be ashamed or suppress your "shadow" part of yourself. (The part you are not happy with...not able to share with hide are ashamed of are held back by it if repressed.) We all have it.

Maybe you are ashamed of something specific from your past. An event. A trauma. Were you abused physically? Emotionally? Did someone betray you? Can you not forgive them? Can you not forgive yourself?

All that we were told about ourselves that is bad and all that WE say about others that is judgmental and bad leads to feelings and beliefs that shape our lives. We must be allowed to expressed ourselves - dark and light - in order to grow and be our best self.

I cannot even say how much I learned from this movie because it's too long and too personal and involves other people's lives too that I won't share out of respect to them. I did do one of the exercises at the end and literally had my mouth open in shock at the end of it. (at myself.)

I did learn to appreciate all those who have been in my life so far. (even the ones who most people think are "evil.") I appreciate where it got me and how it makes me work and try and identify with people. It has also helped me be able to see beyond other people's insecurities and hurt and see what they are capable of if they are courageous. I appreciate the lesson I learned from them very, very much from childhood until now. I've met some amazing people! (most of them never even knew what they were capable of.)

You should see this movie. If you feel stuck. If you feel angry. If you are tired of not being able to express yourself in the "right" way according to everyone else around you... check out and know that you are perfect and you always were.


Anonymous said...

Lovin' the blogs! Keep it up!!

Mary said...

This is a lovely post, Sand. Now I want to see it. It sounds fascinating.

Mark Willand said...

You go girl!

Candi said...

Thanks Mary! I will be seeing you soon for some celebrating!

Mark!! :) I've missed seeing you! I hope you are doing well and are shaking things up at work!