Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Pair of Boots

Meet Boots!

Boots was abandoned by his previous owner and we discovered him at the Sterling Animal Shelter. Britty totally surprised me by taking me to shelters for Mother's Day!  When we saw Boots, we knew he was the one and here is why:

A few years ago, we met a beautiful stray kitty named Boots!  We wanted to adopt him, but the property owners decided they wanted to "keep" him after we fell in love.  When we relocated, we missed Boots a lot and wished we had stolen him!  Sadly, Boots was kept outside despite living on a busy street and was hit by a car and killed.  We miss him terribly and wish we had stolen him, looking back.  We regret leaving him to careless owners and have always felt bad about his unfortunate lack of proper care.   He was a wonderful boy and we will always miss him.

On Mother's Day, Britty pooled her money with some friends and took me to animal shelters to find a new kitty.  I had said I wanted one, but was going to wait until my future family members all approved of having another pet!  I guess Britty didn't want to wait knowing that a new kitty would make me very happy!  So off we went to shelter hop!

The shelters were full of beautiful homeless cats and dogs (oh, and birds too!)  It was very sad to see these babies in cages waiting (and hoping) to be chosen and loved.   To know that lots of them would be put to sleep if not chosen was particularly tough.  For the cats, I did find a beautiful girl that I nearly took home.  She reminded me of our Minnie kitty.   I felt so bad for her!  I wished more people knew of her and all the animals here that were found homeless or dumped off at the shelters.  Some were respectfully released by their owners for good reason, so don't get me wrong, I am not purposefully being judgmental.  I do wonder though how anyone could get rid of their pet?  I would never.  Ever.  EVER.

We went onto the our final stop, the Sterling Animal Shelter.  I immediately saw a cat that grabbed my attention and made me stare is disbelief.  It was a cat who looked just like our BOOTS!!  I really got scared as I walked up to his cage and saw the tag on it and it read:  Name:  Boots.  Seriously.  Seriously?!?!?!?  He looked like him, acted like him, and it was a little spooky!!  It took me about a second to look at Britty and say, "Yep."  She knew too.  Boots was back in our lives!

Original Boots on left.                     Our New Boots on right.

Our baby on his first day home:

His flinging around the room for mice on a rope is the best!!!

To my original Boots, I am so sorry that I did not fight for you or steal you. You'd be alive today and loved by us had I caused trouble back then. I wish I had. All I can do is give this new little boy a great home and take care of him as we would have taken care of you. We miss you, baby Boots. Thank you for coming back into our lives somehow and giving us a chance to love you again in the only way we can now.

You can save a life!

If considering a new pet, PLEASE adopt from a shelter. These animals need a home and they are beautiful and loving and deserve YOU! Take the time to look around, educate yourself and find the right one for you. They are out there waiting for you right now.


Razzle said...

<3 Boots! <3

I'm so glad Boots found his way back to you.

Candi said...

<3 Thank you! He is the same skinny shape as "original" Boots. So weird. Come and met him or else we will drive him to come see you since you are the professional cat sitter! haha.

I often think of the girl kitty that we did not adopt. I feel so guilty. We looked at the dogs too, just to further torture ourselves. They were so sweet. I wanted them all.

KleoPatra said...

Saving one another... that's what it's all about. xoxoxo