Thursday, May 6, 2010

Already a Survivor

At first, I was very sad to hear that this incredible man in the photo above was diagnosed with cancer.  From Brian Tracy's blog he says, "The doctors have discovered that I have a cancerous tumor in my throat that is fairly well along in development."  As he described chemotherapy and altering his schedule to accommodate "survival," I noticed that even Brian's "bad" news is stated in a way to be helpful and inspirational to others.

He says on his blog, "Cancer can be a metaphor for any unexpected setback or reversal in life, especially in the areas of money, business, career and marriage.  In each case, when your situation abruptly changes for the worse, you go through a process of shock and denial, followed by depression and self-pity, which is then followed by acceptance and resurgence.

Perhaps the most important four words in the English language, words that are always true for all people at all times are, “This too shall pass."

I was surprised to find myself smiling at anything within these blog posts of his, yet his words below summarize Brian for me and make me look up to him in business and in his personal life as well:

"I choose to see this as a “learning experience.” Maybe I’ll develop a speech or seminar to share what I’ve learned, and the parallels with the ups and down of normal life. "  :)

He has the mind set of survival and he has already won, no matter what the future holds for him.

Wishing you a quick recovery, Brian.  I look forward to meeting you again as soon as possible

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