Sunday, May 16, 2010

1001 Day Project

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days!  (Thank you to Mimi for the inspiration!)

Inspires you to set and achieve your personal goals in life.

The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. 

I think I love numbers and lists too much!  When I read about the 101 things to do in 1001 days, I squealed.  I HAD to do it too!  Lol!  :)  I love this stuff and knowing me, I will do them all and more...  so this is good for me to write out!

If you want to do it too - start now!  It's very fun and I'd love some company with some of my goals. 

Here are mine!

  1. make meditation a daily habit
  2. eat more raw vegan foods
  3. exercise regularly (no half-assed stuff!)
  4. hire a business coach
  5. keep vlogging daily on vegancandi every day no matter how shitty I look or feel!
  6. implement my database and CRM at work
  7. get a new tattoo (hopefully with a friend!)
  8. write in my gratitude journal every day
  9. keep in contact with my true friends regularly
  10. play a game every night with Britty (CLAMS!)
  11. finish reading ALL the books in my room!
  12. make lunch for a friend
  13. travel out of the country again!
  14. make the NYC trip happen and make it awesome!
  15. get a pedicure
  16. donate ALL the old clothes in the basement!
  17. rock climb on the kiddie wall  (come on, it's damn scary to me!)
  18. proudly wear my red animal print bikini on the beach! 
  19. use my new dehydrator for LOTS of vegan raw foods
  20. keep writing letters to my future husband to give on my wedding night!  <3
  21. visit more professionals in my industry for my work blog
  22. focus on GREAT couples that I see
  23. drink more tea
  24. help strangers more - take time to notice them and offer help
  25. get to bed by midnight and wake up by 8 am every day
  26. take my multi-vitamin and calcium every day!
  27. keep an eye on inspirational people
  28. play my violin again
  29. take one day off per week and DO NOT WORK! 
  30. pull my favorite recipes together to make one book of the "greats!"
  31. dance more!
  32. watch Moulin Rouge again!  (always brings me great luck!)
  33. keep growing my container garden!  (omg, I love it!)
  34. see the lawyer about the business plan
  35. take a walk in the rain at night
  36. do my strip aerobics workout!  (without falling!)  ;)
  37. eat more oils for soft skin!  (mmm, coconut oil!)
  38. buy those sandals I've been staring at online
  39. invest in a few great, classic pieces of clothing to build the wardrobe
  40. wear more dresses and skirts again!
  41. burn more incense sticks
  42. floss my teeth every day (ugh!)
  43. skip the coffee and drink more water
  44. pack my own food for work even on weekends
  45. fill the bird feeders and stop teasing the cute birds out there
  46. finish translating a song in sign language and do a vlog of it!
  47. have a picnic with Britty
  48. finish planning my 40th birthday party and make it happen!
  49. get married to my perfect man that Britty loves too!
  50. go skinny dipping
  51. buy a hot tub
  52. own a log home
  53. make a space in my new yard for a memorial for Minnie and BJ
  54. look for the good in everyone
  55. limit how much complaining I hear from others
  56. have a romantic candle lit dinner
  57. live my life out loud 100%
  58. get a facial
  59. be spoiled by my man
  60. visit my grandma and grandpa and auntie at the cemetery
  61. go to the Farm Sanctuary
  62. help mom clean her house more
  63. watch LOST Season 5 and 6
  64. watch last season of Xena with Britty!  Yi Yi Yi!!
  65. host a dinner party for friends or for my man and his family
  66. make a sexy video for or *with* someone 
  67. blog here regularly
  68. stop playing Jewels on the Droid for one week
  69. add weight lifting to exercise routine
  70. do Tibetan Rites every day again!
  71. convert old VHS movies of us to DVD
  72. go to VegFests in Boston and where ever I can!
  73. make a new female friend
  74. see a nutritionist
  75. have a New Year's kiss that is with someone I love
  76. buy new funky glasses
  77. learn to give a great massage!!  (take a class!)
  78. find BJ's breeder and thank her for such a beautiful, healthy boy she gave us
  79. go to a sporting event
  80. take a train ride
  81. buy a lotto ticket
  82. do my yoga pose and photograph it
  83. buy another new car (Britty needs one too!)
  84. have my Tiffany ring set without going broke!
  85. be debt free!
  86. be pampered at a beach resort
  87. meet Brian Tracy again
  88. create a time capsule with Britty
  89. clean out my fridge completely!  100%  Empty it out!!
  90. Get more shelves up in my storage room and organize it
  91. have a slumber party in Britty's room :)
  92. Have a double date with Britty and her BF and mine.  (Awkward?  LOL!)
  93. Build a snowman but never just ONE anymore!
  94. go snorkeling
  95. become an Aunt.  (jk Debbie!  lol!!)  How about to your new dog?
  96. have a girls' night out
  97. take lots of bubble baths with candles all around
  98. stay in hotels more and jump on the beds
  99. look into Peace Corps again
  100. revise this list to make it even more challenging as I check off these things!
  101. laugh lots
I am mostly scared of the rock climbing on the kiddie wall!  hee hee!  I have to do it though since I wrote it! :)

For more info on 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days, here is the link below and good luck!  You can do it if you can imagine it!


Mimi said...

Oh I love it!!! Isn´t that list sooooo much fun. My fav one on your list is: live out loud 100%! I think I will do that too ;))) I think I will take pics or make vids of the 101 things, when i experience or accomplish one or doing good on something, etc,... so it helps to keep me going :))) xoxoxo Amazing, so lets start the fun!

CPVegan said...

Love the list! And you can never overdue number 32!

Candi said...

;) The list is very fun! It's good to read it often and possibly add to it. I've done so many already just because I wrote them down and had them in my mind.

Ahhh, Moulin Rouge. Christian. Yes, 10,000 times is not enough!!