Friday, June 18, 2010

You Matter Very Much

Quoted from the blog of Jamie Tworkowski, founder of To Write Love on Her Arms - a nonprofit organization to help suffers of depression, addiction, self-injury and suicidal thoughts/attempts.

"I hope you know you're not the only one who feels the way you feel. You are not the only one who struggles.

You are not the only one with questions. You are not crazy. You deserve to be heard, to be known. You deserve love. 

You deserve love.

You deserve a place that feels like home. You deserve some hands to hold. Hands to pull you past the broken moments, hands to catch you when you fall. Eyes to see you. To say you're there, that you exist, that you change a room, that your presence is significant. Ears to hear you - hear your stories, hear you laugh. Ears to hear your questions and to say they matter. 

You are not alone today. You matter very much. 

Peace to you.


Barry said...

Candi, thank you for your comment on my self-harm post. I'm not sure how you found me but I'm glad you did.

The subject of cutting and self-injury holds great interest for me; I'm not exactly sure why as I have never engaged in it nor has anyone I'm close to. But it's becoming a far more common phenomenon and I think it needs to be brought more to public attention. The reasons behind it are, I believe, often seriously misunderstood.

I've bookmarked twloha and will revisit on the weekend.

Thank you for following me on my blog. Things will be getting very interesting in the next few weeks. :)

Candi said...

Hi Barry!
I'm not sure how many clicks it took to find your blog, but I lucked out when I did! I am in love with Fridays now since they hold a secret. ;) Great idea and very fun!

I was so inspired by your self-harm post and followed your links to somehow find TWLOHA. Wow. The creator of that non-profit is like you: curious and non-judgmental. The name alone is beautiful, isn't it?

Thank you for your comment and wonderful blog. I've linked you here and will visit often. (Especially on Fridays!)

PS - I bet you can guess which of the anon posts were mine. ssshhhh!!!!! lol