Thursday, June 3, 2010

Focus On Health - The Beginning!

I have exciting news! Jamie and I just launched our new blog called "Focus On Health" and I wanted to share it here and ask you to come check it out! This will be a nutrition/fitness/weight loss blog with tips on how to live a physically healthier lifestyle. I love having my blog here, Time for a Change, as a more spiritual one, but most people ask Jamie and I how we've lost weight and kept it off, what we eat, what we do, how our skin is so soft, etc... so we wanted to collaborate and share tips and resources and ideas. We are not doctors, nutritionists, or experts but we do know that we've done something right! We want to learn even more through our research and through YOU. :)

Here is the link and our first blog post:

Please come join us and follow us here or on Facebook's networked blogs! Thank you!

2 minute intro video for Focus on Health:

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