Monday, September 14, 2009

Daily Reminders

New Blog!

Hi! Did you notice a change here? This blog is now geared toward what I have been focusing on for some time now and feel it may help lots of people. Optimum Health! To me, this means successfully managing our own life. This encompasses our inner and outer world. Jobs, goals, dreams, emotions, energy, purpose, relationships, self-healing, etc... many areas are ones to tackle individually. I have been finding that addressing the fundamentals such as - what do you truly believe? - are ones that are life changing. I've enjoyed the books, videos, food, ideas, and people I have encountered now that I have pointed my life in this direction. This blog will be some things I have discovered along the way and will be a place for me and you to come back to often, if it should help us.

My old blog was a vegan blog. After four years, I am still vegan and believe I always will be. I do not like the label of "vegan" because I've seen it put people in groups or feel separate. The label is not needed for me, but I do believe in being compassionate in every possible way because it is right for me. This includes eating. I love animals too much to ever participate in hurting any of them. I choose to live a life that involves the least amount of suffering, and I am non-judgmentally happy with my decision. I was only not happy with the label. My old vegan blog is still available, and some of the posts are here in this one too!

Onto my Daily Reminders, which is the title of this blog post: My friend and health/nutrition coach, Jen of Pure Energy LLC, sent me a link recently to a site that I now visit daily. This site is full of wonderful information, courses on personal growth and healing, and even offers daily horoscopes. :) The link is:

...and it's free!

Sign up for their free email newsletter. Their online courses are great too, and some are fee based or donation based. Pay what you can! To give you an idea of their work, today's daily reminder included this:

Nothing happens without a purpose. Whether we attract success or repel it depends on our willingness to stay open to a wide range of possibilities and to embrace concepts like synchronicity.

The photo is also from this artcle, which is called Cosmic Support.

Check it out if you would like to see their library of articles and to even receive one each day in your inbox! What a nice way to wake up!


Lisa said...

I SO agree with the whole labeling. When I was vegan, whenever people found out I was vegan I would be attacked over it. I am/was very non-judgmental on people's choices and it bothered me that people attacked me for trying to live a cruelty-free life. I am no longer vegan, but I am vegetarian (for many reasons) and it works for me right now. I still prefer many vegan things and try to live cruelty-free as possible. I would avoid telling people I was vegan to avoid the confrontation and stereotyping. I think what you do is great and being vegan is totally awesome, but as you say, you don't need to live by the label. I feel labels are for people to give importance to themselves and exclude/stereotype others. There is nothing wrong with a cruelty-free lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to feel excluded. Just make sure your choices are the best for you and that you don't listen to people who want to put you in box a or box b because of it :)! I love your new blog. If only I could keep one up before becoming bored!

Candi said...

Thanks Lisa! Yes, I can just imagine your friends' or family's reaction to the label! I'm glad you are finding a lifestyle that works best for you.

So, where is your newest blog? ;) I enjoyed reading them.