Monday, August 24, 2009

Juice for Dinner!

I haven't felt like cooking much due to the heat and a busy schedule, but also because I have those days where I just don't want to eat! We found a temporary solution until my new juicer arrives...

Jumpin' Juice and Java was a place I never went to because of the name. lol. It's a coffee shop and a smoothie shop and any of their smoothies can be made non-dairy. The menu is pretty good and it's attached here:

jumpin juice and java

We chose the Caribbean Cooler and a Berry Berry Good non-dairy smoothie as our dinners. I'll definitely be going back for another one! It's nice to not have to cook and also to have something for dinner despite low appetites. My Vita-Mix would be great for this, but when I don't have the ingredients or am on the road, this works out well!


Carrie™ said...

When it's hot & you don't feel much like a meal, this sounds like a perfect substitute!

Amy R said...

I agree with Carrie. Go Vegans! This site has lots of healthy, vegan-friendly smoothie recipes. Here's the link to one of the pages.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!
Did you receive your Vita-Mix yet?
I'm so jealous! :p