Monday, December 10, 2007

Trip to the Animal Shelter

~ looking for a home ~

With the passing of our bunny, Smokey, we knew we had the supplies and room for a new bunny. We searched online for some unwanted adult bunny to give a home to. I knew we wanted one that was maybe harder to place than a cute fluffy little baby bunny, so we searched on (What a great site!) Pet Finder linked us to hundreds of unwanted bunnies in our area. Amongst the bunnies, we saw two that were rescued by the Spencer Animal Control. I called to find out that these two bunnies were not placed yet and had been rescued as far back as April! The manager, Carol, informed me that she was giving up hope of them finding homes. That's when we came in!

No bunny will replace Smokey, but it was still nice to offer these ladies a safe, warm home full of veggies and hay. Here is one of the bunnies we took home:

~ "Carrot" ~
She is HUGE!! She's a sweet girl, and we'll get more photos of her and her sister later in the week. Her new sister is very shy, and I think the camera flash would be too much for her! ;)

While there at the shelter, we took a look around at the many homeless cats. They were well cared for, but it was still very sad to see them wanting so much attention. I wanted to take them all home, but all I can do is get the word out about the Spencer Animal Control and Shelter, and hope that people will adopt instead of buy animals. These kitties were beautiful and have nothing wrong with them, aside from no owners!

Check out some photos of these adorable kitties:

~ kitty with an eye infection ~
~ Mommy kitty and her kittens ~
~ Calico ~
~ A kitty that I wanted so badly! ~
~ Here he is again. His elderly owner is dying of cancer, and she hoped this kitty would find a great home. ~
~ "Pick me! ~
~ I'm partial to the name "Minnie." Check out her eyes. :) ~


This is a long post, but it's important to show this. I'd like to add a few video clips from the shelter. These kitties are really sweet. I wish I had room to adopt more, despite my allergies to them! They are beautiful and social and were abandoned for various reasons, but are deserving of a great home. I hope just seeing them helps get the word out there to consider adoption from a shelter. If you have room and the desire for the best sort of company you can think of, look up

A few videos from today. Thanks for reading my blog and for watching:

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