Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Omegas, Tacos, and a Yeti

One last addition to the Omega-3 info below. My friend, Mary, reminded me of the enriched foods like this one as a great source for Omega-3 fatty acid:

Click on the picture to go to the Silk Website with info on soy milk versus dairy! :) Thanks, Mary!

Tonight's dinner included blue corn tacos from The Garden of Eatin'. :) I love the shells, but was not too crazy about the soy beef:

I wish I liked it because it's so convenient, and in 'pork' flavor too. I would have preferred beans in this, so I'm skipping the LightLife meats next time! What do you use for a taco filler?

So with FYH vegan cheddar, onions, and salsa I hid the flavor of the soy crumbles and enjoyed these tacos with broccoli:

The Abominable Bumble/Yeti enjoyed it too.

Onto some British goodies that Jamie picked out for us. The stash includes cereal bars with the *best* flavors: cranberry/almond, pumpkin/pistachio, and pecan/date. They are really good and taste like they were just made at home. I love how they are filled of toasted oats and spelt flakes. Held together by dates and/or agave nectar...these are a great breakfast or snack.

Also in the stash is our Christmas stuffing mix! Sage, Red Pepper, and Shallots. (I say "SHAAALL-ots;" Jamie says, "sheh-LOTS." It's ok though, it's not like we argue over silly things like pronunciations.) *pokes* :P

Time to zoom in on those chocolate buttons!
I liked the saying: "I love them on mum's chocolate cake." Hmm, I didn't have time to bake a cake with these buttons nearby. I ate them immediately, and popped a few of them in my coffee to make a mocha. :)

The Return of the Yeti:

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