Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I shifted my blog over to this new address and wonder if anyone will find me!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and share some very fun vegan Valentine's gifts that I got!

I was so excited to see so many vegan items that included t-shirts, chocolates, and even some "lotions & potions!" Jamie knows what I like and picked out all of these things for me! :) One of my favorite things was this bowl:

!!!! I have been watching these pottery bowls on Etsy and other vegan sites and wished I had one. It's a great serving dish, and in this case... it's serving a Valentine's box of chocolate covered raisin clusters! Mmmm

Here is one of the shirts Jamie picked out for me. I love this one with the words, the design and the softness! Factory Farms *are* mean and nasty, so I will happily wear this!

CandiCane lip balm! Plum and Peppermint... I have not heard of this scent before and it's quickly becoming addicting! Great name too. ;)

Tofu Scrambler! Yay! Breakfast in bed! Also in this photo is some gummy "cola" flavored filling-ripper-outers. So worth it! The tiny green book is very funny; it's called "How I Get My Protein" and can be used when you get asked that same old question and you just get tired of answering! Take a peek through the book and it lists chickpeas, broccoli, soy milk, cashews, and many other foods to put people at ease that we will not become sickly from lack of protein! (Well, as long as you actually *eat* those foods and don't live on raisin clusters and cola gummies!)

This adorable shirt will be worn very soon! I love the vegan banner on it!

These heart-shaped chocolates have a hint of lavender in them! Pretty *and* good! All vegan... so hard to believe!

Hello my newest friend... the vegan raisin cluster. Although we have just met, I feel like we could spend the rest of our lives together. Or at least on holidays when Jamie spoils me.

Jamie knows I love my lotions and potions, so he picked out some awesome ones: a lavender hand & body cream, an oatmeal & aloe facial mask, and some BWC hairspray! I also have vegan body shimmer... hmmmmmm

One last look at this bowl! It's really great to see it in person after eyeing it online for about two years now! I may have to start a collection!

Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for stopping by!
Thank you JSB <3


Candi said...

Testing the comments box!

Razzle said...

woweee...Jamie did good!!!!!! I love that bowl! And that vegan lamb t-shirt is so adorable! Wow, lots of good stuff, Ms. Spoiled!! :)

Happy Valentine's - and nice new blog!

Candi said...

Thanks! You are the only one who found it! ;) I linked to yours already!

Jessica Jean said...

Hi Candi!

It's Lisa. I tried to add you to myspace again since being hacked and losing half of my "friends." lol. Glad to see you are blogging again. I love all of the gifts you got, so cute :)... Hope you had a great day!

InALittleMinute said...

Found you! Glad to see the new blog up and running

Jessica Jean said...

hehee. Yes, I change blogs a lot. I decided on Jessica Jean, well for a number of reasons.. but also if someone doesn't know-know me..they won't know it's my blog. :). uhoh! I hope you didn't get any hoochie lingerie! hehe jk! I'm glad you are blogging again though!