Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buddha Hut Vegan Restaurant

It was another late night at work, so Britty and I decided to pick up something good for dinner and eat it at the studio. We knew exactly where we'd go!

Buddha Hut Vegan Restaurant
415 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 459-0367

We usually like to eat there, but since it was a work night, we didn't get to drink the tea and talk to the adorable husband and wife team who run the place. We did, however, choose some excellent dishes!

I started with soup and a salad:

The soup is a veggie (of course!) steamed wonton soup. The salad is a "chicken" salad with raw cabbage, carrots and fried onions.

Below, there is our favorite dish ever... "Chicken" and Cucumbers. (on the left side.) The restaurant calls it Heavenly Chicken, but we call it by our own name! It's my favorite, and also Britty and Jamie's favorite... so you know it's good!

On the right side is an order of steamed dumplings with a soy/ginger dipping sauce.

With my own green tea on the side, it was nearly as good as eating it at Buddha Hut. I do recommend going there and checking out their daily specials too! They even have desserts: vegan cake!

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