Friday, September 3, 2010

The Cove

My friends deserve to be free.

Perhaps I find the movie "The Cove" even more horrifying than people who eat fish and support the overfishing by their dollar votes, but this is surreal to me. How can we justify killing cetaceans and fish for food and also for entertainment? I love when a disgustingly cruel and unhealthy hidden truth is exposed. It's one thing to be ignorant. Once you know what is happening, however, how can you contribute? This idea has sparked nearly one and a half million people to protest against one unacceptable "tradition" that needs to evolve... the Taiji, Japan dolphin slaughter.

The movie, The Cove, creatively captured secret footage of the reality hidden to the public, even hidden to the public in Japan. I commend the "activists" who devote their time and talents to exposing the truth so we can find out more and more about what we will and will not support. I hesitate to label these people activists because the word may be laced with thoughts of controversy or 'over the top' behavior. I consider the people in this film to be human; to be connected.

"The Cove exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises off the coast of Japan every year, and how their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is sold as food in Japan and other parts of Asia, often labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening."

"Critical praise and audience awards worldwide have focused international attention on Taiji and the annual dolphin drives off the coast of Japan. On September 1, the six-month dolphin hunting season opened again, and fishermen in Taiji plan to take to the cove despite international pressure. Experts say education, awareness and persistence are needed to eventually turn the tide."

The movie trailer:

Change can occur by our own personal evolution. Change in the outside world will occur whether we are ready for it or not. We can deplete the oceans. We can pretend we are a higher species than the others. We can pretend to have all the answers and all the control in the world. The fundamental truths still remain and they do not cater to our egos and stories of hierarchy.

Our friends deserve to be free. Help find a better way than violence and speciesism. Please watch The Cove and support the efforts of others who risked their lives and freedom to show the world that awareness is the biggest step we can take in moving forward.

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