Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Loving Vega!

I love Vega's vegan products! I am so happy with the Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer that I had to share. If you are looking for an awesome meal replacement how about this for a choice:

Probiotics (Dairy-free)

Digestive Enzymes

26g of Broad Spectrum Protein

6g of Essential Fatty Acids

Easily digested, alkaline and containing no animal products, corn, dairy, egg, fillers, gluten, soy, sugar, wheat or yeast.

Absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners and GMO and pesticide-free.

Oh, and it tastes good too! :P Highly recommended! Here is the Website, and you may recognize our good friend Brendan while you are there:


Razzle said...

Hmm! Sounds good, except for the whole meal "replacement" thing. How about a meal enhancer? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing Vega powder to me and for giving me the hugest tub! I love the taste of it and as you know, have a vega shake every morning now :)