Sunday, May 17, 2009

Carb Day!

Well, it wasn't exactly carb day, but it was all I photographed!

I've mentioned on Facebook that I've hired a health/lifestyle coach! How fun is that?! I love the process, and we are looking into food, sleep, exercise, stress levels, etc just to see how to have the most energy and fun! I am happy that this is a "whole health" approach and not just food related or exercise related. It's very interesting and my habits will soon be changing as we progress into a plan of action!

In the meantime, I am trying to eat for my metabolic type and making an effort to sleep and exercise every day. I also am relying less on pre-made foods and am back to making things myself. :)

I made some whole wheat bread today and it was very much worth taking out the bread machine for! I added some agave nectar (no honey!) and it came out great. I ran out of vital wheat gluten, but added in some soy milk to perhaps lighten it up, and it worked out great! It was not too dense at all, like I feared. Doesn't it look good?

Upon Britty's request, a pasta salad came later in the day! We added Adzuki beans, onions, corn, dill, veganaise, and salt. It doesn't take much veganaise to make this and you can cut it down with a splash of soy/rice milk (unsweetened for us!) to make it lower in fat: (and add more/different veggies for a more healthy version!)

I did not photograph our Moroccan Chickpea Patties (Dreena Burton recipe.) which were very good! We had those with a baked potato and garlic-sauteed red chard. mmm

Hope you are all doing well!! Thank you for the Facebook birthday wishes! Wow, that was a surprise to get so many!! Thank you. :) :)


Tonya said...

mmmmmm, this all looks wonderful.

I am also a vegetarian and recently began a blog to share my veggie lifestyle with friends. I have been working on another blog for awhile about books and have developed a bit of a following but wanted another challenge. It’s nice to know there are other veggie bloggers out there! I look forward to reading about your recipes.

Wheeler's Crew said...

The bread looks fantastic! Moroccan Chickpea Patties sounds so good, you should post a picture and/or recipe!

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