Saturday, April 4, 2009

Victoria's Secret Body Care Line

I love Victoria's Secret and am SO happy that they have come out with a vegan body care line! it's called Pink Body and includes sugar scrubs, lotions, body washes and more!
I ordered a few myself and are waiting on their arrival! I have heard many good things about these products and cannot wait to test mine out. I knew that the Engergizing Body Wash was a MUST HAVE for me when I read this description:

"Not a morning person? No problem. We made our energizing body wash specifically for those slow and sluggish days. It invigorates as it cleanses. Packed with U.S.-sourced Citrus and Organic Mint to naturally exfoliate and refresh, plus a boost of caffeine from Organic Coffee Beans to energize. Lather up and rinse off to reveal clean, radiant-looking skin from tip to toes."

Sounds perfect!

Another nice note is that the products are surprisingly reasonably priced. (compared to their other products!) I was happy to pick up a few different ones to try and to support their new natural, organic, and 100% vegan line!

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