Thursday, November 29, 2007


Happy 11th Birthday to my biggest baby, BJ! :) :) What a cutie. He got spoiled with some treats and a new bed:

Britty has a bit more about his day on her blog: ***clickeh!***


I have to rave again about one of my favorite Websites: FitDay. It's a health site geared to help you track your goals and current weight. This is not so much about losing weight as it is a general log of your health. It calculates nutritional values of the foods, tracks fat and calories, protein, vitamins, etc... you can add custom foods (like all the vegan ones!) and also keep a journal and an activity log. It's good stuff, and it's a challenge to get all the right vitamins in sometimes.

Today, I checked my daily progress and saw I fell behind a lot in calcium for the day. After meeting with my nutritionist last week, I was re-energized to focus more on health. (by the way, all blood work came back fine, so I still laugh when people ask how I get my protein or B12.) Anyhow, I was short on calcium, so got out my coolest kitchen friend - The Magic Bullet! I made a quick shake of:

Rice Dream rice milk
Silk vanilla soy yogurt
Calcium/Magnesium liquid supplement
macadamia nuts
dairy free chocolate syrup

A few buzzes on the Bullet and I had a quick dessert loaded with calcium:

With Fitday, I saw I hadn't eaten enough calories for the day, so I wasn't concerned about the fattening macadamia nuts in there! They are too good to pass up anyhow! :)

If you are looking to track your health and/or fitness progress, definitely check out Fitday! It's free and it's very helpful.

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