Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Almost 18?

With her graduation from high school approaching quickly, I am wondering where those 18 years went! It seems to have flown by so quickly because just a year ago we were at the Pacific Science Center celebrating her 3rd birthday with the Seattle dinosaurs. I even remember the pink jacket she wore that day and the cute little Pooh umbrella she carried around. Now, she is eying my car and hoping she and her Siberian Husky can take a cross-country trip together.  What a change!

No matter what happens with college, work, cars, or guys, I do know that I could not be more excited for Britty because of how solid she is and how non-conformity and freedom are clearly what she is all about. I see only good things for her because she knows how to make it all happen for herself. As far as people worrying about the teenage years and all the drama that can be associated with that, I am here to say that it does not have to be dramatic or bad. I believe there is only the "typical teen" if you buy into that. Teach them to think for themselves early on and let them be the creator of their lives. They know far more than you may do about what they truly love. If you instill independence and integrity and you live that way yourself, then I doubt you'd partake in the common drama and negativity of the teen years.

Hello Miss Wolfe.  (Still a BMW)

Mrs. and Miss Wolfe!

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