Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday, Britty!!!

Each year I enjoy Britty's birthday even more. To watch her change in so many ways is a privilege and I am so happy for her strong and positive outlook on life. This photo kind of sums her up for me and I LOVE it:

We were lucky enough to go to the Boston Opera House for the Lion King!! Playing on her birthday! (just for her!)

The show was great and the songs and sets were everything we heard they were and more. Here we are exploring the Opera House before the show:

Hanging out in the hotel was fun too, and here's a photo of Britty waking early at about 1 pm. (just kidding Britty!)

<3 you! Happy Birthday Baby!!


CREATIVE said...

That's just so funny :)))) Happy 15th. Britty <3

CREATIVE said...

BTW.. creative = Bolette from CCOR ;)))

Julie said...

this post warms my heart! what a gift you two are for each other. :))))) makes my heart smile! <3

Julie said...

i think i'll have to watch this video when i need a quick chuckle! you two are a hoot! i absolutely LOVE this short clip! so darn cute!

Candi said...

:) :) Thanks Julie and Bolette!! :) I like seeing you here and on CCOR and maybe my email and on my phone too! lol! You are everywhere and it's great!

I love the video too and laugh at Britty's laugh at the end!