Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

This may seem like a strange post for near Valentine's Day, but it's for those who seem to dislike the "holiday" because of not having the love you want in your life or because of feeling broken-hearted and lonely. I recently read a line similar to this from Abraham-Hicks:

I do not want to be loved, I just want to love.

You may see people desperately searching to get love and validation and they search any and everywhere for that feeling. If they just turned that inward, a peace comes and then they may experience the ability to now give. Here is where I believe the healing begins. The feeling of a broken heart can be one of the worst and inescapable feelings that can be hard to heal from when you do not look at it face on and just allow it. I loved the idea of the book, Wisdom of a Broken Heart by the wonderful Susan Piver. Her Buddhist beliefs provide a healing undertone for the book and will be invaluable to those experiencing the pain of "lost" love.

Here, Susan talk about the book:

Coincidentally, I received this email today from the Universe. (yeah, we are best friends...)

All endings, Candi, are happy endings.

If you even believe in endings.

The Universe

If you need time to heal from something, take the time you need and make sure to appreciate the journey.  All of it.  No matter your love life details and desires, as Valentine's Day approaches, just remember that no one can ever take away your ability to love.  Keep on giving and giving and giving. 

Lots of love to you. <3 <3 <3 <3

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