Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lunch at EVO

It was great to see my friend Mary again for our monthly get together! :) :) We decided to go to EVO Restaurant on Chandler Street in Worcester. This is the new cafe attached to the Living Earth.

Mary was so healthy at got a salad with lemon dressing. I got that as my side dish and ALSO got a falafel-hummus wrap:

And look... they "brand" their wraps and sandwiches with their logo. Hmmmm.. I want to try that at my work! I can brand our brides with our logo!

Evo had some vegan options and can seemingly veganize many of the other items on the menu. They also make custom pizzas, but be aware that their soy cheese is *not* vegan. (totally aggravating!) They do have vegan pizza toppings aside from fruit and veggies, such as vegan sausage, pepperoni, and hamburger-type crumbles. I may create my own pizza next time I go.

So next door is an old favorite, The Living Earth. We had to stop in!

I passed by rows of veggies and went to locate Britty's favorite there: Spinach Pies! Mary and I picked up some other good things at LE like vegan lemon cookies and Primal Strips.

I could not leave without looking at the vegan wines! I picked up a Cabernet, but may use it in cooking since I don't drink much of it! (Unless Jamie wants to join in and share it with some chocolates!)

Thanks to Mary for an awesome lunch, despite the fact that we both were just recovering from the flu! :P

PS - The jasmine tea at EVO works well for flu-type aches!

Note: Vegan Wine/Beer/Liquor info at


Kristen's Raw said...

Oooh... vegan wine! Yum!


Razzle said...

Whoa, Living Earth is so different now! That EVO looks so upscale! I wonder if they still have that "Tofu Salad" I used to get in the refrigerated section in the store. I loved that stuff! I would wolf it down so quick I'd get hiccups everytime! So worth it though. Say HI to Mary for me!